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group insurance
Optional Special Risk Benefits

Our CINUP clients told us the extra benefits they wanted – and we listened.  Depending on the needs of your employees, we have options available for a wide range of circumstances. 

  • Accidental Travel Insurance for Chief and Council/Board members
    Chief & Council members play an important role in enhancing your community.  With this accidental travel insurance plan, Chief and Council members are ensured financial protection while carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Accidental Insurance & Weekly Indemnity Benefits - Part Time and Seasonal Employees
    Part-time, seasonal, and casual employees are vital aspects of your organization, whose work helps keep your organization on its feet during busy times of the year.  Should they be involved in a workplace accident, it’s important they and their employer are equipped financially to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery.  Working to protect the productivity of your organization, this specialized plan is designed specifically for part-time, seasonal, and part-time employees who otherwise would not be covered.
  • Insurance for students
  • Accidental insurance for:
    • Volunteer firefighters
    • Volunteer auxiliary constables
    • Volunteer ambulance attendants